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Welcome to the Brush Chamber Foundation! We strive to serve the community in Brush at the highest levels. Below are our programs geared towards doing just that. Those programs include information about our DDA/URA project, our training reimbursement program, our grants pass through program, and the City of Brush! $100k business incentive and retention program. Reach out to Executive Director, Matt Gordon, at (970) 842-2666 or via email at with any questions, concerns, or comments. We are always happy to help!



The Brush Chamber Foundation is committed to long-term lasting economic growth within Brush, CO. We received a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation to host educational sessions on the value of Downtown Development Authorities and Urban Renewal Authorities. We believe the creation of an organization of this type would lead to lasting positive change in Brush for businesses and community members alike. Sessions are planned for May 2023 with invites going to businesses, special taxing districts, governments, and community members interested in the future of Brush. More info to come!

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Training Reimbursement Program

The Brush Chamber Foundation seeks to ensure equitable access to educational opportunities to all businesses interested in improving their operations, functions, and possibilities. The Training Reimbursement program was created in 2023 to allow business owners to choose the opportunities that best suit them and have the cost (up to $150 per business per calendar year) of the opportunity paid for by the Foundation. Refer to the application form below and have your educational opportunity paid for!

Application Form


Grants Pass Through

Since securing its 501c3 status in October 2021, the Brush Chamber Foundation has directed over $145k in grant funds to projects that include the full redevelopment of Central School into housing units, the restoration of the Corral Sports Bar/Desky Hotel, and for educational opportunities related to our DDA/URA project. We are seeking future partners interested in securing grant funds to support their business by using our 501c3 as a pass through for those funds. Often times grants are not made available for private entities but by partnering with the Brush Chamber Foundation, those funds could be directed to interested private entities. Refer to the application form below and let's work together to direct more funding to Brush!

Application Form

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Get in Touch With Us

Seminar/Webinar Reimbursement
Grants Pass Through

Brush! CARES Program

The City of Brush! seeks to enhance the investment in our local businesses and business infrastructure in partnership with community organizations to further build our local economy. (Read More)

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