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Brush Chamber Board Nominations, Award Nominations, and Events Survey

Greetings from the Brush Area Chamber of Commerce!

Board Nominations! Link for nominations!

Annual Board elections are abuzz here at the Brush Chamber. Each year, the Chamber Membership elects four new Directors to serve on the Brush Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Directors at the Brush Chamber serve a three year term and are expected to dedicate up to 10 hours per month.

We are asking for nominees or those submitting on their behalf to submit a photo, resume, and a bit about themselves and why they would be an excellent Director. Their photo, resume, and response will then be included in another Google Form sent out to Chamber Membership to vote on who they would like to see represent them. The timeline for nominations and elections are as follows;

10.20.2021 to 11.3.2021: Nomination Google Form circulated to gather nominees

11.3.2021 to 11.14.2021: Second Google Form circulated to gather votes for nominees from Chamber Membership

Award Nominations! Link for Nominations!

Awards season is here at the Brush Chamber. Each year, the Chamber Board gives three awards to excellent organizations, businesses, and community members for their service to the Brush Chamber and the City as a whole. Simply fill out this nomination form and at the Chamber Board meeting in November, award winners will be selected. At the Chamber Board Annual Banquet, winners are formally announced and given their awards! The three awards are as follows:

Citizen/Organization/Business of the Year: This honor is bestowed on a deserving person, organization, or business for their work in making the community a better place. They may be chosen for a lifetime of work and service, or an exceptional year of service. Spur of the Year: This honor is presented to a person, organization, or business that through their outstanding commitment promotes the Brush Area Chamber and its work. Volunteer of the Year: This honor is presented to a volunteer with no business affiliation and is an outstanding supporter of the Brush community. Timeline for Nominations: 10.20.2022 to 11.16.2022: Nomination Google Form circulated to gather nominees 11.16.2022: Chamber Board chooses winners 2023: Chamber Board announces winners at its Annual Banquet

Events Survey! Link to Events Survey!

We are always seeking to evolve and improve what we can do for our community. With that, Chamber staff, Board members, volunteers, and community members have been analyzing, discussing, tweaking, and ultimately aiming to improve the events the Chamber puts on annually.

We want to hear from you! Members, volunteers, and the community! What current events do you want the Chamber to continue doing? What past Chamber event would you like to see come back? What new event would you like to see the Chamber take on? And lastly, we cannot make our events happen without the generous time donated to us by our excellent volunteers. If we are to expand, we will need help! Would you volunteer your time to bring the events we do into reality?

This survey consists of five questions, three checkbox questions and two short answer questions. The survey will take approximately five minutes. Please take our brief survey, have your voice heard, and get involved! The survey will be open until Thursday, November 3rd at 5pm.

If you wish to learn more or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at or call into the Chamber at (970) 842-2666 and I'd be happy to address any issues or concerns that arise.


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